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A TREASURE OF WORKS OF ART: from Toulouse Lautrec, Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet ?

Many works of art, masterpieces by famous artists, were not signed until after their sale. Then, to avoid that were covered by raiding or theft during the war, their owners or custodians had the idea to erase the signatures, as in this work attributable to Henri de Toulouse Lautrec: Research and analysis the painting "The Clowness" (Cha-U-Kao)

Although known why these works cannot be recognized as authentic by their foundations, some researchers seek to recognize authentic using the same photo-technical investigations carried out by Scotland Yard to find the killers.

These techniques involve making photographic tests to IR (infrared) rays, UV (ultraviolet), X (radiographic), false color, stratigraphy, exams, reflectography multi-spectral color points, up to extracting DNA found in contemporary pictorial matter, to investigate in depth the nature of the artwork and their provenance.

                       Research and analysis on the masterpiece "The band Picasso"

Here we present some case studies which belong to some very important masterpieces extraordinarily important messages that were apparently hidden by artists under a veil of painting, as well as in detail, so that they could be revealed only by a careful reading and interpretation of the work.

The legend that these works handed down over the centuries, is the crucial test their absolute authenticity, since no Faker could know the memories and emotions of the artist's secret. 

This Menu is published by Umberto Joackim Barbera, private collector in Turin (Italy) and the owner of the copyrights of the paintings not recognized by foundations. Any Museums or entrepreneurs interested in purchasing original works of the great masters of the new 19th-20th century may see first Linkedin, Facebook, or GOOGLE BLOG 

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